About the Data API

Withings is committed to securely synchronizing and storing its users data on its servers. By using the Data API, you can get access to your users data, by implementing the following flow :

  1. Authenticate your users and get authorization to collect their data - Partners integrating Withings Mobile SDK or using Cellular solutions will not need to perform this step as access to their users data will be granted when onboarding users to their program.
  2. Fetching data using the Data APIs
  3. Getting notified of data updates using the data update notification service


Make sure you are registered with the Withings API.

Recommended architecture

Here is an overview of a typical simplified technical architecture for a DATA API project.

Example of architecture for a DATA API project
  • Your platform interracts with Withings Data API to fetch and update your user's data.
  • Once stored on your servers, this data can be used by your services and applications.
  • If you plan on using your users data within a mobile application, we recommand using push notification to refresh user's data in background when new data is available or if data was updated.

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