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📓 Features API Integration Guide

The Enable Feature API allows the partner to choose the specifics functions that are activated on a device.

features api illustration

What the Enable Feature API Offers

This API bridges health programs and users' daily lives, enabling the activation of features that align with diverse health and wellness objectives. From detailed body composition analyses, such as muscle mass and bone density, to health insights like vascular age and skin conductance, the Feature API enriches every interaction with the withings device making it more informative and tailored to individual health goals.

The Benefits of Customizing User Experience

  • Tailored Health Insights: Partners can activate specific features, offering users precise health data like fat mass, water percentage, and body mass index.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Integrating unique device functionalities supports differentiated user experiences, deepening engagement and motivation.
  • Agile Program Optimization: Leveraging real-time user engagement data, partners can dynamically adjust their health programs for better outcomes.

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