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🤝 API plans

Withings Standard/Free Plan

Withings Standard/Free Plan includes:

  • 5000 active users vs unlimited for enterprise plan
  • 120 requests per minute for your API project vs 1,500 for enterprise plan (more upon request).

If your integration reaches its requests per minute limit, Withings webservices response body will include a status code 601 (the HTTP code will remain 200 - OK).

Withings Enterprise Plan

Many of our partners trust Withings API to support their production application with state-of-the-art performances and Enterprise SLA.

Withings Enterprise Plan includes:

  • Unlimited active users vs 5000 for standard plan
  • 1,500 requests per minute for your API project vs 120 for standard plan. More requests per minute are possible upon request.
  • Faster data update notifications deliveries for real-time data refresh into your app.
  • Withings technical support availability

Withings strongly recommends Enterprise Plan for any app reaching production.

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