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The Withings Developer Portal allows developers to create applications using Withings devices and the data they record. Developers are able to access data stored in the Withings cloud for users who have given them prior consent, including weight, body fat, activity, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, PWV, etc.


  • The API is public, but specific features are restricted to partners that have a contract with Withings.
  • Restricted features include Logistics API, HIPAA/HDS Cloud, Cellular device Activation and Enterprise SLAs, unlimited number of users.
  • API apps are limited to 5,000 users. If you need more please refer to the Enterprise plan section.
  • The request limit is 120 requests per minute for a registered partner (if you call a service for a first user and then for a second user, the request counter will increase by two requests).
  • If you need Enterprise SLA and a larger number of requests per minute, please refer to the Enterprise plan section.


Withings provides different types of data collection solutions to providers. These solutions include using Withings devices, Withings API, Withings Mobile SDK, Withings Logistics and more.

This section provides an overview of available solutions and directs you to the appropriate technical resources for each of them. We suggest you start reading the resources in the table before reading the technical documentation.

Data API Level 1
Basic integration
  • The simplest Withings device integration available. It is compatible with any Withings consumer devices.
  • Your user sets up their Withings device using Withings mobile application. You will then present to them a Withings web-based flow in which they will give you permission to access their data. You will then be able to pull data from the Withings API. Users can deny permissions at any time.
  • This service is free for providers with under 5,000 users. If you expect to have more than 5,000 users, please refer to our Enterprise Plan
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    Data API Level 2
    Mobile SDK
  • It provides a smoother end user experience by making it possible to set up Withings devices directlt in the provider's app. You will then be able to access the data using the Withings API.
  • This solution is for partners with their own iOS / Android app
  • Providers will have to embed Withings mobile SDK into their app. The Withings Mobile SDK exposes the device setup capability to any iOS or Android app without prior technical knowledge of how connected devices work.
  • The Withings HIPAA Cloud is available with Withings SDK upon request.
  • This solution is for providers that have a contract with Withings. Please contact us if you want to use Withings SDK in your solution.
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    Data API Level 3
    Cellular Solutions
  • Withings most advanced Data collection solution. It offers a setup-free and app-free solution to providers wanting the easiest option for collecting data from their members.
  • In particular, this solution is the most suitable for older people or people who are not tech-savvy.
  • This solution is for providers that have a contract with Withings, or that use Withings Cellular Devices or the Cellular Data Hub. Please contact us if you want to implement this solution
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    Withings LogisticsWithings provides access to its logistics through an API in order to facilitate device storage and delivery to end users. Withings Logistics Services include:
    1. Delivery of any Withings devices in any quantity directly to your end users.
    2. Delivery of pre-configured/pre-activated Withings cellular devices directly to your end users.
    3. Activation and pre-configuration of Cellular devices to providers shipping or distributing devices themselves to their end users.
    4. Access to shipment status directly from the Withings API
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    Read our Glossary to familiarise yourself with the platform-specific terminology used in this documentation.


    When you are ready to start developing, read our API Reference for a more in-depth knowledge of API requests and responses.