Raw Data API


This API is currently under development. Please get in touch to get early access.

The "Raw Data API" gives access o the device's sensors raw data and therefore exposes advanced information about your users, which opens a whole lot new possibilities :

3-axis Accelerometer: Withings trackers are mounted with a MEMS accelerometer that samples at 25hz by default (up to 100Hz).

PPG Sensor: Withings devices use optical methods to detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed. Depending on the Withings device, you will have access to a PPG sensor with either three LEDS (green, red and infrared) or just one LED (Green).

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Battery life optimization: Raw data capture impacts the battery life of Withings devices. The battery life will typicaly drop four to seven times faster when raw data capture is activated. Our APIs allow you to start and stop the raw data capture in order for you to find the right balance between collecting data and optimizing battery life for your users.

Consent management: specific user permission is required in order to be allowed to start recording raw data with a Withings device. You must request the user.rawdata permission during the authorisation flow (refer to the OAuth 2.0 application flow).


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